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the F.A.I.T.H. series: Fear can be your Friend

as i have mentioned previously, i have struggled with my faith over the years, especially faith in myself. much of this has to do with fear of failure. fear tells me that i’m not smart enough/skilled enough/certain enough to succeed. but slowly, i am (re)learning to tell fear that i AM smart enough/skilled enough/certain enough to do ANYTHING i choose. of course, doubt lingers, but it is no longer the primary voice to which i choose to listen.

Using Creativity

after you decide to spread authenticity and live with boldness, it is time to use your creativity. i have chosen to use my creativity to cultivate a community of people dedicated to black women and our mental wellness journeys, thus on the LEAUX. maybe you will use your creativity to start a business, begin a new hobby, or improve your productivity at work and at home. however you use your creativity, know this: everyone is creative in their own way, and creativity cannot exist without failure.