about Lauren.

hey! i'm lauren d. wilson: mama, educator, speaker, and creator. i blog about mental wellness as it relates to being a young black woman, mother, and professional. as someone living with depression and bipolar II disorder, i believe that discussions about mental health are under-utilized and ultra-necessary to strengthening and supporting black women and our communities.


about on the LEAUX.

the mission of on the LEAUX is to support black girls and women who are striving to live authentically, even while struggling mentally. we are here to contribute to the conversation about black women and mental illness, taking it from being "on the low" towards being at the forefront of our collective consciousness. otL aspires to do this by:

  • sharing personal stories of living with mental illness and working towards mental wellness;
  • encouraging others to share their stories honestly and authentically; and
  • offering resources, support, and strategies for those struggling with their mental health.